Proper Syntax or usage of gui
I am confused on two points. I have been reading all sorts of material and experimenting but cant seem to get it right =(.

1. What is a mask when trying to brute force? I understand if I do ?d?d?d?d I will have a 4 length digit combination attempted. However what I dont understand is what if there is a single letter in there....or its a word with a letter in front or at do I account for this?

I tried ?l?u?d?s so do these 4 main custom char sets.....but I am not sure if that syntax would work in the GUI. I also use the CLI for Backtrack but working on a windows machine at the moment.

2. When looking at the Charset section under cudahashcat-plus (same place I am having mask issues) can I do the above stated ?s?u?l?d or does each separate set need to be in one of the four boxes.

Also do they need to be separated by a space like this ?d ?s ?u ?l....

Basically I am trying to brute force 350 hashes with my GPU for class. Length is max of 18 and its a mix of special chars/Ucase/Lcase/Numbers.

Thanks for the help ahead of time.
its explained here:
(02-20-2012, 10:16 PM)atom Wrote: its explained here:

I know it is there. That is where I got all this information. HOWEVER. It does not show you how to use these in the gui. It simply states things such as "A variable is indicated by the ? letter followed by one of the built-in charset (l, u, d, s, h, D, F, R) or one of the custom charset variable names (1, 2, 3, 4)."

I understand what it means but not how to use it in the yes I see it there and this and many others I have already read. This it not a good intro. Its like a linux man file but without the actual syntax example at the top. In this case not the syntax for the gui or CLI.

The problem is I understand what it is saying but not how to implement it.

EXAMPLE: Mask under cudaHashCat-plus. Under Brute Force then the sub option of Mask I dont know what to put here? And that wiki you mentioned does not say how to implement the SYNTAX. Please understand what I am trying to say. The actual variable is understood but the the order or combination that I can use is not understood. HOW do I ask it to guess for any position for a 1-16 character password LCase/UCase/Numbers/Special Chars for all positions. I tried ?l?u?s?d?h But if I understand the wiki than I am only asking it to check a 5 character password and in the exact order of variables where it will NOT CHECK for digits in the 1,2,3,5 positions....only 4th position.

If I do ?d?d?d ....does this mean it only looks for digits in position 1 2 and 3. So if instead the password is a23...hahscat wont figure it out as I did not specify ?l?d?d instead????

This is my issue. That syntax is not explained. The wiki uses too simple of examples...

My concern is how am I suppose to GUESS the position of the letters/numbers/special chars/.....I want to brute force and have my 2 GeForce 580s guess.

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If you want a mask that includes more than one charset for each position, you need to define the custom charsets in the boxes below.