ethereum scrypt
I understand scrypt is gpu-resistant, so what is the ideal brute force scenario that is feasible for cracking scrypt? Is it possible to use multiple cpu cores to speed up the effort? Is there an ideal cpu that yields maximum h/s? At this point I've exhausted all other options and need to brute force 6 chars.
You can use your cpu and gpu together.
Send the hash to service and see how much they want.

Post the hash at another cracking forum and add bounty for it.
in general, you shouldn't send these types of hashes to anybody, because the hash line itself contains sensitive data... this is especially true for several cryptocurrency "hashes".
(07-27-2020, 08:37 AM)philsmd Wrote: you shouldn't send these types of hashes (...) especially true for several cryptocurrency "hashes".

Could you let us know which 'hashes' are send-able and those which are not ? All ? What about bitcoin/litecoin hashes (modeĀ 11300) ?
unfortunately, there is no complete list.

The problem in most cases isn't the hash format, but the algorithm that needs the "encrypted data" to make it possible to verify if the password is correct (i.e. the encrypted data is needed to check if the key derivation function generated the correct key to correctly decrypt the data... this data sometimes has directly to do with cryptocurrency addresses and private keys etc).

JTR also tried to focus on not revealing too much data (but it's difficult): . We also sometimes/often rely on the JTR xxx2john tools, because in most of the cases it doesn't make sense to reinvent the wheel and create yet another tool just for extracting the hash lines.