Help: Mask for 3-4-5 word combinations separated by hyphen.
Hi there,

I am looking to crack a -m 22000 hash using the following combinations:


and similar words.

What is the command I would have to use? Piping an output will not work for me, such as using the "ee.cpp" generator commonly found online. I tried:

hashcat -m 22000 myhash.22000 -a 0 -w 3 pass.txt-pass.txt-pass.txt

but obviously the program interprets the "pass.txt" lines as all one directory.

I am not sure what to do. Much appreciated. Goodbye.
I have solved this, thanks for reading.

Simply copy pasted ""

and appended lines: "w1 = d1[h].title() if args.title_case else d1[h]"
to: "w1 = d1[h].title() if args.title_case else d1[h] +"-"
which does exactly what I need.

Edit: This freezes my computer due to memory issues, so it doesnt work.
Ok seemed solved again. Just running:

./ee > pass.txt


then using the list in hashcat.