A friend noticed this. I think he is not able to visit this board.

There was -m in the oclhashcat
[Image: 9a185c6a-jpg_thumb.jpg]
It didn't have a fixed lenght. It worked for the following MD5($name.$pass) but after oclhashcat and oclhashcat-plus got merged it doesn't work anymore. There is -m 21 MD5($salt.$pass) but it has a fixed lenght and doesn't accept others. Is it possible to bring back the old -m 2?

no. but, again, which forum-software is using the requested algorithm?
The mmo "Flyff" uses a smiliar way. Its md5($salt.$pass) where salt is kikugalanet. It worked in oclhashcat but there is no mode for this hash type in plus.