Can I run hashcat on startup and save where computation goes to some file?
Does anyone know how to setup the hashcat to run at startup and save computations for the next run? I mean, I found a problem that asks to find a string of 12 letters a-z whose MD5 is known. I don't have possibility to run hashcat at night so I was wondering if the hashcat would continue the cracking at startup and save where the computation is going to some file such that only a little computation would be lost if computer is shut down. Hopefully the program would run after the hash is found. I'm using Ubuntu 20.04 and hashcat 6.1.1.
if you quit, you can restore with --restore. If you're using the default session name (not specifying an alternate one), then "hashcat --restore" (with no other parameters) will pick up where you left off automatically. Test it a bit first to make sure that you understand how it's working.