system for hash mode numbering
With the new versions of *hashcat-* i expect an increasing number of PSA modules and want to suggest creating a reasonable way of numbering these modules.

The system could look like this:
0-999: modules optimized for specific PSA (VB3, VB4, Joomla, LDAP, SL3, etc)
and everything above 999:
xyzz where
* x is the number for a hash algorithm (e.g. 1 = md5, 2 = sha1, 3 = ntlm, 4 = sha256, etc)
* y represents a specific salting mode (e.g. 0= salt.pass, 1 = pass.salt, etc)
* z represents the number of characters for the salt (if z = 0 we have a straight hash)

as an example, a Joomla hash might in fact be mapped to mode 1115 or 1130

This would make the hash modes more intuitive to select instead of needing to learn every single mode number by hard (or looking it up at the help screen).
its a good idea however its to much work for me to reassign them again.
Honestly for new users it will be easier, but for people that are used to the current schema it would be confusing.
it would not be confusing as everything is getting re-numbered nevertheless. (speaking of the latest beta compared to latest stable)
those are getting harmonized. check the beta