[Masked][Specific Chars][Masked][Specific Chars]
Hi all,

first of all thanks for the development of this great tool to all it concerns.

i have a simple question as a have packed a lot of my private stuff into a veracrypt package...and yes, password does not work anymore...but i do not use many password.

Is it possible with the tool to generate a rotation of following:

known mask: xxx
one specific char from less than 5: Y 
[Y] --> this one could be there but not sure, bascially optional


I was looking at the Hybrid Wordlist + Mask but i have basically 2 Masks and 2 variable section with a limited numbers of charset.
Is there a way to achieve it with the current version?
I assume for the specific chars i could generate some charset?

Thanks a lot for any comment.
I don't understand what you mean. You're using the word "mask" in a weird way. And what does all that have to do with a wordlist?

xxx is a known fixed string (or two known fixed strings?) from what I understand and Y is a placeholder for small set of characters (but each Y may be a different character), is that correct?

So assuming Y can be 1 2 3 4 or 5, your candidates would look like


Is this what you're looking for?
Hi yes, exactly, sorry for the wrong term there.
Only that the variables are the special chars.
I tried it with ?s but this contains too many chars, which let the time explode to 5 years.


Thanks for any hint
You can define a custom charset for this.

adding "-1 abcd" to your command line would define ?1 as one of abcd. You can then use it like any other available charset. (so in your case you would simply replace ?s with ?1)

See the examples here: https://hashcat.net/wiki/doku.php?id=mask_attack
Thanks a lot, that will do the trick, i must have missed that part.
You have just spared 5 years of waiting Big Grin to only 17 mintes, i hope it will find it..