format username:password?
I'm basically trying to format the whole thing as username:password.
My hashlist looks soemthing like this:

What im trying to do is have it like so:
Username: Dehashed

How do i go on about formatting this with hashcat?

So far i have tried:
-m 0 --username --potfile-path md5.pot --show -o formatted_output.txt --outfile-format 2 original_MD5_hashes.txt

But it doesn't seem to work, it shows:
Failed to parse hashes using the 'native hashcat' format.

Any help is highly appreciated, i hope you can understand what im trying to say. English is not my first language.

I have tried the exact same thing from here:

I spent about 4 hours on google and i still can't figure it out..
As of right now im using a simple Python script but at the same time im genuinely curious on why it doesnt work.
just make sure that the input is correct and also remember that the way to do it is 2-fold (2 steps are needed ), i.e. first crack such that the cracked hashes with password end up in the .potfile, only after you cracked the hashes the second command can be used with --show to show the cracks.

the input must be correct. that means that all hash list must contain all lines in this format: username:hash

The file original_MD5_hashes.txt must also be formatted like this: username:hash for each and every line, this is the so-called original hash list (with usernames). That is why you always need to use --username

Maybe just try a simple example with one hash first, to see if you get it working.

It's definitely working for me (and for many other users that also did use this command !).