CPU importance in a cracking rig
Hi there,

I'm considering building a cracking rig and I'm not sure of the importance of the CPU in a multi GPU cracking rig.

Are there any recommendations on CPU choice when all the hard work is done by multiple GPUs ? Should I buy an expensive one (i9, xeons) ?

What is the work that the CPU typically has to do when cracking hashes with GPU (precomputations, hashtables calculations of some sort) ?

For example, if I buy one ore several 3080 or 3090, will my cracking station will be limited by the CPU at some time if it is not enough powerfull ?

Thanks by advance !
Have a look at this guide, there is a section about CPUs: https://passwordvillage.org/hardware.html#rig_setup

It was written by epixoip (Founder of Terahash), so this is probably the best guide around at the time of writing.

If there are still open questions, feel free to drop them here.
Thanks for this resource, I never saw it and it answers completely to my question !