Complete noob asking for walkthrough
Hi all, 

Totally new to everything here, so please forgive stupid mistakes!

I've got an SD card I encrypted using macOS Disk Utility, and I can't remember the password. However, I know the characters that make up the password (just not in the right order).

I was told hashcat might be a good place to get some help, but as I said, I'm a complete noob, so I've got less than no idea how to use anything hashcat has to offer. 

Would someone please help guide me through the recovery process?

For details:
- Not sure what kind of encryption the card is secured with
- The password length may be anywhere from 1-35 characters
- The password only contains specific numbers, letters, spaces, and punctuation within a 35 character string
- No punctuation is reused, but numbers, letters, and spaces are
- Some letters may be capitalised. No idea which ones
- I have a list of the passwords I've attempted so far, which have all failed, for what that's worth
- The characters are unlikely to be in a random order, they're likely in the order of the string I copied the password from
- My main computer is a Mac, but I have access to a Windows PC as well
- Happy to post the string and my failed attempts if they would be of any use.

Thanks in advance!