Faster processing by Erlang
Hey folks,

first i would like to thank you for this great piece of tool! Well done!

I just wonder if the processing speed on GPU/CPU could be improved by using Erlang as programming language. It is a language with focus on optimized code execution on multi-processor machines. The concept behind Erlang is to use internal managed sub-processes which can run much faster than threads, because they are managed in lets say the Erlang VM. Actually i wonder if Erlang is even able to be used for GPU.

Was just an idea, maybe you can give it a shot.

Anyway, thanks again and have a nice day,

I dont think it can help since the thread-management itself is not a problem in any of the hashcat derivates. There is no complicated logic behind the parallelization since the tasks to be done can be easily parallelized.

However, thanks for the suggestion!