jetson hashcat n00b
OK  i have a metasplotable2 box in my lab. (so that the hash i am cracking  as i try to learn this dark art.)
I have a 3 node jetson cluster to work on a distributed PoC and also learn and improve.

hashcat -m 500 -a 3 -D 2 $unshadowed $wordlist (rockyou) -o $output 

that works but refers me to the morework wiki.because i am not using the fullpower of .. yada yada yada

hashcat --stdout $wordlist -rules $rules/best64.rule|hashcat -m 500 $unshadowed -o $outfile

executes and exits 0  but no output.

I see chick3nman has a good benchmark post but for my use case i am looking for the functionality.  so i can scale the hardware when my code and skills are ready.

what am i missing is there a book i should readn of an article i missed?

what syntax should i use to get started while levering the maxwells?

nvidia Jetson2GB 
Tegra X1 128 CUs
Instead of using a pipe in your case you can simply append -S to your command line.

hashcat -m 500 -a 3 -D 2 $unshadowed $wordlist -o $output -S
Thank you for that. I am still getting the warning but processing time and accuracy seem to have improved.

Its called dev box hacking for a reason Smile