New Month,.new challenge
Hi , so last months challenge went ok and i cracked most of my hashes Big Grin ..
Now lets assume i have a password hash that has 12 characters and i KNOW for a  fact the last 2 characters are vb . Now, i also know that IN the password somewhere there is a "s" and a "m" or a "M"  .. this would cut my password search down to 8 characters.. but because i dont know where those characters are, brings me up to 10 missing.. what would be the approach to reject all passwords from hashcat except the ones that contain an s and a m or M ? I dont want to do grep piping as is slows down... and reject rules ONLY work with left and right word lists? I mean there has to be a smarter way to do this?
Generate a hcmask file.

echo smMxxxxxxx | ./permute.bin | sort -u | sed -e 's/x/?a/g' -e 's/$/vb/' > file.hcmask
(using permute from hashcat-utils; not efficient but easy and fast enough)