Combinator Attack Question
Good day to you all.

I tried my best (spent a whole evening) to get the jist of john the ripper or hashcat but I feel I need your help.

The thing is: I  got a password protected 7zip-file which contains a simple .txt file. 
A 7zip file that I know the password of...well, kinda. I know of which characters it consists of. Also the pattern I kind of remember. 

I guess this is the process I need to use (and explained in more simple terms if possible):  

This is how the password would look like. It starts with one or more '?' symbols, proceeds with a capital letter, the following letters switch, then '66' or '66666', continues with one or more '#' symbols and ends again with one or more '?' symbols.

This is one possible pattern: 

As someone else stated: "You have to feed hashcat the correct password via wordlists, rules, brute force, or masking or a combination of any of those! The art is getting the correct password through hashcat in as few guesses as possible. "

So I need to piece together a powershell code or wordlist to generate a list of all possible permutations, combinations and patterns, right? As described in the wiki above I need 2 dictionaries with all the characters I remember. Also rules. 

I got the hashcode but I don't need to check for random passwords. I know it is much to ask but would somebody be so kind to explain to me which code/command I would type to make use of my remembered information? 

Thanks for all the insights I get!