Help find missing salt password character(s) for Rclone crypt
Hi all

I use Rclone to  backup files to a cloud service and use crypt to encrypt my files along the way. I have the encryption password but the salt password that rclone generates seems to be missing a (1) character. I generated a 1024 bit password that gives me 171 characters, but mine is only 170, so it seem to be missing 1 character, probably at the beginning or end, but I'm not sure. Something happened when I copied it to my password manager.

So I have the encryption password, most of the salt password; i know the encrypted folder/file name and also what its supposed to be decrypted. Is there a way to use hashcat to figure out what the salt password should be, so I can decrypt my files? And if so, I would be very happy if someone could point me in the right direction. I just stumbled accross this tool while googling and watched some youtube videos, but none with this use case.

Any help would be much apprecaited Smile
Pretty much everything that does encryption needs a specific implementation. So no, this is not supported.

Since we're talking about maybe 200 different candidates you can simply wrap rclone in a shell script that tries your known password part an appended/prepended character.
Thanks for the reply. I thought maybe it was a long shot :\ I'll try to look into what you suggested Smile

You wouldn't happen to have a link to a tutorial to make something like that? Doesn't have to be specifically for this, but something to show how to run a program and doing the configuration stuff in shell... I'll try to google a bit though!

Thanks again!