Md5stress is a stress testing tool for GPUs using a simple MD5 algorithm packed into a single stand-alone binary.

It was written after we got a lot of requests for a stress testing tool, specifically from the hash-cracking community to test their overclock settings.

Current Version

Current Version is 0.2.


  1. Generates some random password plains on CPU.
  2. For each password plain it generates the MD5 value on the CPU.
  3. All the password plains are copied from CPU to the GPU.
  4. For each password plain it generates the MD5 value on the GPU.
  5. The MD5 value is then copied back from GPU to CPU.
  6. For each password plain both the MD5 values are compared.
  7. If the value does not match, the program will inform the user.


This program is available for Linux and Windows for both 32 bit and 64 bit platforms.

As long as md5stress does not have a dedicated homepage, here is a download link to the latest version:



There is not much to configure.

$ ./md5stress64.bin 
usage: ./md5stress64.bin num_tests

All you need to do is to add the number of iterations. The more iterations, the longer the test.

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