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Full Version: NVidia RTX 2080
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I was also a bit confused. The 1070Ti seems to outperform 1080s in some cases.
Yep, the values of th 1080 seem a bit too slow. At least 7-zip is not ok.

@cvsi: Could you also run a benchmark for the 1080? Then we'd have the same system, OS & driver for the three cards.
Here is the 1080 FE with stock clocks, using the -w 4 on the same OS and drivers.


Edit: I just realized that i ran the other cards with optimized kernels, the one above is not with it tho, below is. If you need me to rerun the other cards
with the default kernels let me know and i will do so.

If you are interested. Here is the 1080Ti FE with +200 Core increase. Pretty comparable to the 2080 on some algos.

I just updated to 411.70 and it seems to have nerfed 1080 performance by another 1% or so...
Thanks cvsi, these results look more like what I've expected. No rerun needed.

I've updated the comparison sheet with the new values. Everything has shifted a bit, RTX 2080 now being 57% faster than GTX 1080.
(09-27-2018, 04:27 PM)cvsi Wrote: [ -> ]If you are interested.  Here is the 1080Ti FE with +200 Core increase.  Pretty comparable to the 2080 on some algos.


just a little off topic but what do you mean by +200 core increase?
RTX 2080 TI missed Big Grin
(09-26-2018, 09:51 PM)Flomac Wrote: [ -> ]Nikos,

although it might be a waste of time to throw more time on this discussion with you, let's just correct some things one and for all.
You're missing out all the people that actually do need to buy something, because they're not some script kiddies fiddeling around at home with some hashes they found on the net or their neigbours wifi-router, but earning serious money with it. They might be very annoyed if they decide for a GTX1080Ti, cause it looks cheaper on the paper, only to find out that a RTX 2080 is way faster at the hashes they're working with.

May I remind you that it was you who stated "for hashcat like games, the new architecture is going to be slower" or "Turing is a lot slower regarding price to performance ratio."
Do the math and you'll see: It depends on what you're planning to do with it.

With no proof or arguments you were bullshitting and confusing everyone. Grow up man.
OK...I'm trying to figure out what is wrong with you.

You start your reply as an apologize for all the false statements and the misleading hype that you intentionally or not created for this thread, regarding the release of the Turing cards.

Your reply seems OK up to the final point that you exposed yourself.

Look kiddo, I have to talk in your bullshit language.

You are definitely a kiddo, since you reply word by word, phrase by phrase to prove what ?
No grown up man replies like that.

And you are definitely younger than me.
You know nothing about me, except that I exposed your ignorance and your bad attitude against those who expose you.

I told you that I'm not a salesman of anything, but you are definitely one.

You are desperately trying to make good money using cards of nVidia - as you said - and by using free tools like hashcat as I add and you look like a salesman more and more, while trying to sell an incompetent product like Turing cards.

My comparison was always versus the previous generation, my whole phrase was this:
Quote:RTX Turing cards are not only unable to compete previous generation Pascal cards, it seems that 2080 is slower than 1080 Ti and 2070 is slower than 1080, but also they are extremely overpriced and power hungry cards.

Hashcat can't use any of the fixed-function hardware like Tensor Cores and Ray Tracing cores, so for hashcat like games, the new architecture is going to be slower.

And also like I have already told you:
Quote:The 12nm architecture of Turing cards is incompetent in terms of GPU clock and power efficiency and not really denser than 16nm Pascal.

In one of your many lame and pathetic replies, you even try to compare Turing with Maxwell architecture in order to exaggerate once again regarding the performance of Turing cards.

I'm not going to reply again with all the points that I was right and you were wrong, everyone who is reading us know.

But the only thing missing from my analysis was your anger against my replies and your last reply says it all.

You only care about making money using nVidia cards and that is the magical word "money" that makes your world spin around, but by convincing and pursuing everyone to buy such a pathetic product like 2080 or 2080 Ti in terms of Price/Performance/TDP is out of this world.

Nothing worked for you the way you described in your first replies of making hype around Turing cards when real numbers were out.
You even tried to compare an overclocked Turing card with a standard clock Pascal card.

You are definitely trying to do whatever it needs to justify your salary, you seem more and more to be part of nVidia's payroll.

Because what else could be true, when you seem so angry regarding my suggestion to keep the money in the pocket and skip this card ?

Last word for you, poor little nVidia's salesman.

Turing cards are very expensive toys hit by a massive premium you are desperately trying to offload to customers like you have already said:
(09-06-2018, 09:48 PM)Flomac Wrote: [ -> ]There is no real competition from AMD so NVidia can get a nice chunk back from their R&D work

Guess what...Nobody really cares to give back nVidia a nice chunk from their R&D work, because most of us are customers and not hidden salesman like you kiddo.

Grow up and be something useful to the people around you.
Hey Nikos

What is your problem with flomac? As someone who just wants to follow the discussion of RTX cards I'm sick of reading the toxic garbage non-constructive posts being made in this thread.

He apologises and you are still aggressively attack him.

He made a speculation he wasn't accurate, can we move on?
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