New Build - 4*7990
Hi guys,

the prices of the 7990 really dropped in the last few weeks since the press release of the 290RX. This has made me reconsider a 8GPU system in my desktop. As for my plans i want to have your opinions / advice before i start buying something. And i know that TYAN servers are the best but i want to have it in my desktop with watercooling. Tell me what you think and you guys maybe have tips / answers to my questions.

Corsair Obsidion 900D
2*1250watt seasonic-x
-motherboard undecided-
4*club3d 7990 v2
4 radiatiors with a similar setup like this:

i want to know if i should get a dual socket CPU to be able to have 8gpu's because i think most systems are limited to 6 gpus even the new ivy bridge ASUS Rampage IV Extreme can have 4 gpu's but will it also detect all 8 gpus?

Im intending to run ubuntu on it.

Let me know guys seriously considering this.

i don't know where you heard that you need dual cpus to be able to have 8 gpus, that's definitely not true. we've ran quad-duals on single low-end cpus for years now. just need to have the right motherboard. any high-end gaming motherboard should do.

if you want our opinion, no one here would ever recommend water cooling. but if it's what you want to do, go for it. just realize it's expensive and time consuming, and when it fails, it fails spectacularly.
Hey Epixoip,

thanks for the fast reply. Noone actually said that to me but i looked up the top models of cpu to select a new motherboard and came across this:

so i figured that if it is up to 3 discrete gpus it would only be up to 6 gpu's but the fact that you say that is totally not true im thinking of getting an MSI big bang X2

on my current asus extreme-z IV it is not possible to run 4 gfx cards i think. (with risers it is but else it wont fit) I know that it will be really expensive and time consuming but im willing to give it a try since its just as a hobby and not for corporate purposes.

thanks for the info so far! Big Grin cant wait to get the club3ds and some blocks from EK
On the link I see people using not full water-block. Interesting would be to see temperatures of mosfet under that small heat spreader.
(10-03-2013, 06:07 AM)epixoip Wrote: and when it fails, it fails spectacularly.

The best sentence I read on this forum. Smile