Currently, the modes and mask selections differ between oclhashcat and hashcat. Would be nice to see the mask implementation the same on both CPU and GPU sides. --pw-bf-cs is a pain to use when we already have ?l?u?d?s?r?h etc.
yeah. will do.. @ Hash-IT: can you pls add to wiki?
Done Smile

I was wondering if you would please let us know about the "pending" requests ? I am not sure if you need to test things or you are just considering them.

I don't want to influence you in anyway but I am waiting on a couple of those for a project I have in mind and the wait is killing me ! Ha ha !

The loss of the Table-Lookup Attack in oclHashcat-plus was very disappointing for me personally as I had many ideas for it. However I think the markovprocessor request for maskprocessor might cheer me up a bit Smile

No progress on this stuff yet. Currently working on new EULA.
(01-31-2012, 11:31 AM)atom Wrote: No progress on this stuff yet. Currently working on new EULA.

OK, thank you for letting us know. Smile
beta version is ready for testing
Hi atom Smile

You mentioned here “i am still watching the demand”.

I intended for the feature request page to be a reference point for users to be able to see what requests had been made. This would remove the need for individual users to repeatedly re-request the same feature from you. The idea was that the forums would be neater and you wouldn’t get nagged all the time.

The statement I quoted above leads me to think you would prefer users to keep repeating the same requests as some sort of voting system ? This would explain why some requests have remained in the pending table, presumably because you are waiting for more votes ?

Would you please clarify this for me ? If this is how you want it I will change the text on the requests page to let users know that they need to keep asking for the requested features on the forum even though they are already on the requests page.

I originally was hoping that once a feature was requested and made it to the request page that users wouldn’t have to keep asking for it, even if it was in the pending section. Please would you consider handling requests in that way ?

Thank you. Smile


Please count this post as a vote for all the requests in the pending section ! Big Grin

this is not like a work queue. if i am in the mood to add a specific feature i will do it. if not, then not.
Hi atom

Quote:this is not like a work queue

I understand this and I am very grateful for your efforts, I hope you have not misunderstood the mood or tone of my post.

Quote:if i am in the mood to add a specific feature i will do it. if not, then not.

I guess this means that we do not have to individually make the same request to demonstrate there is a demand for a given feature ? If so, that’s great news, I just wondered if we were supposed to keep asking or not that’s all.

Thank you. Smile
we need to send hot girls to atom with features we want written on their chest. then he will do it