oclHashcat-lite leaked !!!
(03-27-2011, 06:27 PM)Mr.Ultimate Wrote: @Atom

Im sorry the way things happened, its seriously bad form

I think, if you could make this software to work 100% stable and faster than ighashgpu supporting SL3 hash cracking, you should really create tool that reads specific hardware combination ID of each future user for such software licence, user reads ID of his PC is going to be used on after purchase, and send it to you, you encrypt entire software with specific algo, that will only run on this specific customer hardware combo ID and furthermore there could be online verification after this for security purposes, so software wouldnt be re-distributable, one purchase = works only with one hardware combo ID. Other than that, your solution has really high expectations, so you're in the right place at the right time to make some hard earned income.

Even if you decide to sell you product licence - you can do so by receiving all payments by any means and releasing such software after the specific date to people who paid for their licence.

Wish all the best developing this new solution, and dont let others step down your way, we all know you have your own foot and you can use it Wink

Best Regards


I think like I see Atom write that software will be free but like other user write He should think about donation button becosue why other should try ern on his work. He deserve to get bonus for his work.

yes, either, donate or make one specific release especially with this algo included - paid.

I dont mind, I'll donate Wink


There are far too many interests around this software. There are people who invested a huge amount of money in bruteforce and are interested that this software will not be released to public for free. Simply because they will loose control over a big fat purse of money. See what happend with Gobulev's ighashgpu software, it's not for public anymore.

I admire the fact that Atom still has the will to release this software free. If this will happend, I strongly agree, a donate buton is moral and necessary. But if Atom decides that it's better for him to make a deal as Gobulev did, I also agree. Everybody can make as he wish with his own work.

Too bad that there are scums here that try to benefit from Atom's work and sell his sollutions for profit when at least at this moment his intensions are to make the lite version free.

Just my 2 cents.
sorry to think that people would do this, even worse someone u put trust in. Hopefully it won't happen again. this kinda thing sucks, but If U believe in karma Atom one day he will get whats coming to him!!

PS Today Im finally gonna PM U bout this beta stuff.
The guy who perpetrated this obviously idiotic act is clearly an ignorant half-witted hillbilly wannabe "entrepreneur". A grubby miniature-brained peon at BEST. The proof is in how the moron decided to "attempt" to make a profit.

This guy won't make enough to buy himself a few sandwiches, let alone enough to replace that single sea-shell he's got in place of a brain. Literally I have never seen a DUMBER "backstab-to-make-money" attempt in my life. Not in the spam or phishing world, nowhere.
(03-30-2011, 08:28 AM)T Mobile Wrote: It is not work with HD 5970 but how about HD 5870 ? If It work ok this is better than use Ivan BF .

On HD5870 is working correct but like Atom write software is not ended and still can be that full range will be scaned and code not found. He will finish this to got 100% hits and if all will be tested He will give for free like write.
today me and atom ran trough series of tests and all results were positive - met his expected estimations, now to finalise all is just a matter of new 2.4 SDK to be released and it should be done pretty soon after that.

Great news now we waiting for SDK from AMD maybe with 11.4 they give this too Smile v11.4 should be avalible in next month then very soon.
it has been tested with 11.4 package (early preview - release 2 days ago), it didnt include new OCL but old issues has been sorted in the latest OCL available for download

Sol lets just wait for AMD Wink
Will next version support 6990 too?