hashcat64 not working versus hashcat32
So I have a strange issue and I'm not sure where to start troubleshooting.

After upgrading to 3.0 and installing the new nVidia drivers, I can't get hashcat64.bin to run.  If I execute the bin, even with just -h, it just spits me right back to command prompt without displaying anything.

hashcat32.bin works just fine.

I went back to the older cudaHashcat64.bin and that also works just fine.

Any ideas?

You can troubleshoot this in different ways:
1. use strace to see what is going on
2. look at the exit code (echo $? after you run the command)
3. try with the beta version under https://hashcat.net/beta
4. https://hashcat.net/faq/#i_may_have_the_...hould_i_do
5. redownload everything (yes, we came even across cases where people used file redirection ">" instead of pipes "|" and basically corrupted hashcat64.bin, like in ../hashcat-cli64.bin --stdout -a 3 ?a?a?a > hashcat64.bin -m 2500 ... <- don't use this Wink )
Thanks. I think step 1 will be to redownload everything. I didn't install it personally, so I'll run though my tried-and-true process and see what happens.