Bruteforcing VeraCrypt drive while knowing password pattern
So hey, a year or so ago I encrypted one of my Flash driver using SHA512+AES in Veracrypt. 

And ofcourse I completely forgot it. I know most of the characters, however my problem is somewhat unique, I created this password by using a pattern

- Theres a list of predefined characters and symbols
- Every character and symbol is unique and used once in password
- Every 3 letters are followed by a symbol
- Every first of 3 letters is a capital letter
- After every 3 letters Symbol increased by 1 (!@#$%)

So an example:

So I'm not so sure whether is it a 12 or 16 long password, theres many combinations and I tried around 50ish manually.
Also I'm not able to set hashcat to increment symbols or to use unique characters+symbols, not so sure if it's able to do that

I ended up using a mask with predefined characters as follows:
-1 charsets/capitals.hcchr -2 charsets/lowers.hcchr -3 charsets/symbols.hcchr ?1?2?2?3?1?2?2?3?1?2?2?3?1?2?2?3 

This is very inefficient, given my password pattern, any help?

Also I'm running RTX 2070 SUPER, overclocked, if there's no solution to this problem I guess I'll pay for AWS or something else with more hashing power to run this masked attack from above.


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