rippex/ripple wallet lost passphrase
hey there ,  i've received a request from a friend , the guy 3 year ago  have purchased xrp (ripple) and put it  inside rippex wallet (which is not available anymore)  and ofc now he does not remember his password , ive tried to search online for tools however there is nothing like hashcat,  i've seen this and this  , in the first github link in his bat he puts some hash (which i guess suppose to be the wallet) with -m 10900  , when seeing the wallet that he shared there ,after decoding to base64  i saw that the salt is indeed the salt however the CT (cypher text?) is not in the decode base64 wallet .

in the second link there is a wallet + password  , i tried to copy the "template"  of the first github link but that did not work .

example of the command that i have used can be found here.

basically what i tried was  "sha256:1000:SALT:CT"

testwallet.txt from the second github link (xrp-wallet-recovery) , the password of this hash/wallet is qwer123


decodes to that


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