PCIe Expanders
I'm thinking about expanding my rig to include multi GPUs and I'm looking for some advice from those that have set some up previously. I'm looking for the best value for money and speed, I don't want to spend too much so hoping I can add some kind of expansion to my current setup which is pretty crap but it works. My problem is I have an old motherboard with only 1 PCIe slot and a Geforce 9800 GTX +.

What I'm thinking of at the moment is switching to AMD and getting a couple of 5970's, then maybe adding to it as and when I can. So what I'm wondering is what kind of performance hit will I take from this kind of setup, and is it better just to buy a new motherboard? In other words will it just bottleneck?

I was looking at the nestor PCIe expansion block or something similar:

What does everyone else use for the multi GPU setups?

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