Problem with 4 Character Password crack
Just so it is clear up front. The crack is being done on MY OWN wireless network.

So here is the problem. I put a 4 character password on my WPA2 network. It contains both an upper and lowercase letter, a number and a symbol. I have captured the 4 way handshake in backtrack-5 and converted the capture into a .hccap file.

I have moved the file to my windows computer.

I am in command promp in windows 7 64bit in the proper directory and i run:

olcHashcat-plus64.exe -m 2500 -n 80 -a 3 capture.hccap -1 ?l?d?s?u ?1?1?1?1

It runs without any problems except that... It does not crack the code. It says "Status.......Exhausted" Am I typing it wrong?

I am assuming that ?l?d?s?u covers every letter number and symbol and the the ?1?1?1?1 is for a 4 length password?

I am trying to figure out the line to test all 4 characters with EVERY single combination. Thanks.

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Problem with 4 Character Password crack - by TwistedPower - 04-11-2012, 05:15 AM