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Distributed Computing
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Passwords > Length 15
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Markov Attack
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Intel openCL (Intel GPUs)
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oclHashcat-plus v0.09 Poll 1/3: Next major feature
(06-20-2012, 06:31 AM)Socapex Wrote: @tony, hashcat works great on a mac. Use wine and add an alias to your bash_profile. I haven't tested ocl though, that would most likely take a huge hit. That's what bootcamp is for Smile

Thanks a lot for your reply & help.

Nice info ! i didn't think about "Wine", i am going to take an look on.

What do you mean by add an alias on bash_profile ?

Now concern, BootCamp, i test it allready & seem the GPU & dirvers inside Bootcamp are dosen't taking in compt by OCLHashcat.

For Hashcat, i use VMware Fusion on Mac, it's an Pain, i know...but until i got THE "magic Solution", it's the only way i find, & for sure : VMware haven't any compatibility with ADM Card, cause they have an generic VGA++..so no way in VMware

Now, maybe with some tweak with BootCamp, but sincerly, since months i naviguated on the net to find some tips & tricks...

Anyway, i take an look on WINE...

Ae you on Mac also ?



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