nVidia GEFORCE 520M driver install
Glad to help.
But let me say one thing: I don't like your follow-up post at all.
I would like to see a howto tutorial how we resolved the problem instead.

You should have posted here the solution for the threads problem and post your next question in another thread (or better use the forum search and you find *several* topics about the *very* same questions).

So the solution for the problem was basically:
1. Try to remove everything installed before (nouveau and nvidia stuff)... via apt-get remove, most of all stuff like xserver-xorg-video-nouveau etc
2. edit grub.cfg and add as boot option (to the correct kernel entry) after splash or others: nouveau.modeset=0
3. reboot, stop the kdm/gdm service (or just do not run startx)
4. (re-)install the drivers w/ the .run file and we tried to use also the -Z option, i.e. blacklist nouveau (may or may not be necessary)...
5. try to reboot. It should work now...
6. we had another problem since @sangiiin had 2 cards on his notebook (intel + NV), we had to use some nvidia-xconfig, e.g. nvidia-xconfig --busid=`nvidia-xconfig --query-gpu-info|grep BusID|sed 's/PCI BusID : PCI:/PCI:/'` (also check this: http://superuser.com/questions/251693/ho...not-nvidia)
7. now the nvidia modules should load on reboot and startx shouldn't report any problem (hopefully), maybe some manual xorg.conf modifications may be necessary too

@sangiiin: don't use this thread for totally different questions, nobody would be able to find the questions/solutions for the second questions... use forum search/wiki instead

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