Proper Airflow and Case Selection
I am a newbie to this whole thing and I have already made some big mistakes. I have googled for the answers and search the forums, but can't find anything quite specific enough for me.

Instead of spending money till I get it right I thought I could ask here.

I recently bought a system (bundle) came with 2 Nvidia GTX 760's. They worked fine, though I yearned for more power (of course) so I purchased a 7990. Fits in the case fine, however I have 2 issues.

The first is airflow/heat. The case is obviously not moving the air it needs to. Is there a case you would recommend that a. Can keep the cards below 80 degrees C without having to have the side panel open? and b. Can accomodate a second card at some point keeping both cool enough?

If there is already a post you can point me to that would be great. I saw a post from someone who had like 8 of these cards in a chasis and just wonder how the hell they ventilate it well enough.

Thanks in advance,

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