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Social Distributed Hashcat
I came here when I was doing research on WPA password recovery for my network. As probably everyone knows it's taking a lot of time to crack stuff using brute force. That's why I came up with idea to distribute mask chunks on multiple computers. I know there is hashtopus but I need something what is working with hashcat. Than I realise that I still don't have enough computers to speed up this process.

So the idea:
- create portal where you can upload your file ( specify hashcat/hashtopus parameters like type etc )
- people download client, which is downloading file and chunks to check

- for every chunk / password checked you receive points, this points are used for cracking
- selling your computer calculation power

I'm not really into cracking, do you think this make sense ? Is there is already something like this ?

(excuse me if the idea is not clear enough - it's Friday)

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