Hello everyone,
using hashcat, I noticed my hash tables were not really organized...
Some Lines in the file were corrupt, I needed my salts in hex, the tables didn't have the correct separator...
And so on. Because I'm doing a little C#, I decided to write a tool to correct several mistakes.
For now, I worked about 12hours on this, and I saw this post here.
Although atom already confirmed to fix that, I decided to publish my "HashTableTool".
I'm not responsible for any loss of data or file corruption caused by wrong use of my program! As said, this tool was originally only for myself.

If you have any tips or want to comment, please feel free to (register) and post here. I'm always happy to get some feedback (of any kind)!

Finally, here is a mirror to download HashTableTools:
Download latest (v0.0.2):

[older versions]
0.0.1 - http://www.box.net/shared/ymlt8y17qzl7epe3e3nt

0.0.1 - Release
0.0.2 - New Feature: Merge files

Best regards,

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