Burned out 12 V wires from PSU
I have a rig I have been running Hashcat on pretty much 24/724/7.  It turned itself off yesterday and after looking at the components, I noticed the two yellow wires for the 24 pin connector had melted through the plastic sheath as well as melting the plastic pin connector.  Looking up a diagram of the 24 pin connector shows these are the 12 V leads.

I am running two GTX 980s and a was using a Corsair 750 HX PSU.  Was this just too much of a load for the PSU?  I would think it wouldn't affect it like this since the cards should only pull 75 watts through the 24 pin connector via the slot, and get the majority of their power through PCI-E cables.

I have ordered a EVGA Supernova 1200 P2 PSU to replace the bad unit.  Will I be good to go or will running the cards like this cause the same problem.  I was considering running HC at -w 1 instead of -w3 to decrease the load, but this will slow it down.  Is this a good idea to do?

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