Building 4x GTX 1080 recommendation

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I think everyone here has hit very good points first of all. I have an i7 5820k running 3x 1080 GPUs on my personal rig. One thing I will stress is on COOLING under full load this things get toasty and you will (my opinion) need a raiser for your cards. Since them being so close to each other you will get no air-flow trust me you don't want to see your temps go into the 80s-90s Celsius. If you are going to go with an air cooled solution I my self use an open case since of the GPUs but the CPU is water-cooled.  You could go with a water cooled gpu from gigabyte or evga if you want but they were in the high $700s low $800s.

I hope everything works out and you post pictures!

Once my Pascal Titan server is finished I will post it on here it should be one beast of a machine.

I attached a crappy picture of the rig before the raiser when I was testing temps so you can see how close they are together.

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