Winblows: System wont see 3rd GPU? Any advice?
1 - No SLI enabled
2 - 285.62
3 - have tried installing all three sets of drivers I hav (since I bought the GPUs over time they came with different driver discs, and I have tried latest download from nvidia)
4/5 - I have tried most of these suggestions, but not sure it was methodical enough. I will re-try this later tonight when I have time to tear thigns apart. Also trying to source a spare monitor to test Atom's theory as well.
6 - makes no mention of this issue, nor does it provide good documentation on how to enable them if multiple are in use

Using MSI Big Bang Xpower Motherboard, i7 CPU, 3xGTX560ti, 12G RAM

Yes, was referring to device manager and nividia control settings.

I will do some more work on it tonight or this coming weekend. I apprecaite the ideas you have thrown my way, will let you know how it goes...

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