--show step too slow using large file

I am trying to crack a 100 million lines md5 based hash list. 

I started by spliting in 10 million files.

Then i ran:

./hashcat64.bin -a 3 -m  0  --potfile-path ./md5.pot --username   <nameofthefilewithhashes> ?l?l?l?l?l?l ?l?l 

that took several hours to complete and cracked 70% of passwords, i can see that the md5.pot file is now populated (around 200Mbytes). Then i run:

./hashcat64.bin -a 3 -m  0  --potfile-path ./md5.pot -o <nameofoutputfile> --outfile-format 2 --username   <nameofthefilewithhashes>  --show

This is taking forever to complete (more than 24 hours already) is this expected? 

I did a test with a 10.000 hashes list and it took more than 3 minutes to create the  file using --show. based on that, the 10 million file would take more than 2 days...is this expected behavior? Anything that can be done? I would expect the crack to take longer than to match each cracked password to the original username...

Many thanks in advance


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