--show step too slow using large file
(05-07-2017, 08:07 PM)atom Wrote: The problem here is the --username switch. This causes hashcat to allocate a large memory block for each hash. If you have 100 million, it will take years. So the solution would be to not use --username and merge it afterwards yourself.

Great, many thanks for your answer... i ended up cancelling it after 4 days. I think i will do something like this after finishing the cracking exercise:

1.- Sort the username-hash list by hash
2.- Sort the hash - password pot file by hash
3 .- Create a new file by reading each line in  1 and finding it in 2  unless the line hash value is equal to the previous line one.

Let see how long that takes, probably a long time as well as it would have to go over the pot file again and again. I will work on how to improve the algorithm and will post the results. Many thanks again

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