Character separator for salted hashes
With most salted hash types that are available in hashcat, I see that a single dot is used as a character separator for the password and salt.

One example is:
 120 | sha1($salt.$pass)                                | Raw Hash, Salted and/or Iterated

With hash type 120 as an example, could hash type 100 be used in combination with a mode 7 hybrid attack, assuming that the salt value was short enough to make a mask attack practical?
  7 | Hybrid Mask + Wordlist

Also, is there an actual dot as part of most salted values or is that just extra syntax to denote a separate password and salt?

In other words, again, using hash type 120 as an example, do I need to concern myself with an actual dot character being part of the SHA1 encrypted value?

Which one of these gets encrypted with hash type 120?  Does it happen with a dot or without a dot?


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