Whirlpool Salted Password Decryption (Help)
Okay so Im currently having a script with 5~10 hashes created by 

Text+"salt"  )- Whirlpool hashed

For example my salt is cude2ziga and my password is 123456 and my hash is XXX (IDK if am allowed to post it)

I want to use both salt and hash to get the final password.

I just downloaded hashcat today but I need some help.

hashcat64.exe -m 6100 -a 3 -o cracked.txt --outfile-format=3 hashes.txt ?a?a?a?a?a?a?cude2ziga --force

my goal from this query is to take the hash from "hashes.txt" and bruteforce with the salt and the output in cracked.txt as hash:123456

p.s: I just downloaded the basic folder, I didn't add any thing. 

Thanks Smile.

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