unusually short crc from 7z2hashcat
(07-18-2017, 08:49 AM)philsmd Wrote: You are not allowed to post hashes within this forum (except if moderators or the administrator ask you to help them troubleshoot some problem with a specific hash).

Which version of hashcat and 7z2hashcat are you using ? Are you sure you use the newest ones of both?

The 128 within the start of the hash $7z$128 means that the hash was truncated. Newer version of 7z2hashcat do not use the AES padding attack anymore (since a user reported that there is the possibility of false negatives). Therefore, newer version of 7z2hashcat.pl report a warning/error when truncation is needed.

My guess is that you are using older versions of the tools.

My apologies for not reading the rules. I did edit the contents of the crc section of the hashes (but not the lengths) for my own safety.

I am using 7z2hashcat-1.0.exe, because I was having trouble getting windows to recognize my strawberry perl install.

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