Loads Of Requests !
Big Grin 
Just thought I would bunch my feature requests into one post, without Trac this could get messy. Smile

Some of the following have already been accepted but I would be very grateful if you would please consider some more of my requests.

Mask Processor

Allow users to increment while generating password lists or rules
Minimum start number. (Already accepted request)

Allows the user to start from a chosen number of characters.
Only the increment start number needs to be added as the user has already indicated the maximum length by using the mask. This is useful when using against WPA for example so a user could select 8 as minimum. (Already accepted request)

Estimate time to complete on this computer.
Allows user to use new option to estimate how long a task will likely take. This is useful for users who are brute forcing and are trying to work out how long a given set of characters will take to brute force enabling them to be split based on time. I assume this will be quite an accurate estimate as mask-processor is able to test the actual system it will be running on rather than relying on a users calculations.

Mask-Processor Info
This is a continuation of the “Estimate time to complete on this computer” request. If mask-processor has the ability to estimate time to run then this could be sent to hashcatplus in the status screen. Should allow for a % complete display.

Prevent multiple sequential instances of characters.
This would allow the user to set mask-processor to not pass on words that have a multiple of sequential characters matching the users setting. If this setting was 2 then aabcdefgh would be allowed but not aaacdefgh as “a” is allowed twice but not 3 times. I think this would be good for brute force and could be seen as a pseudo optimised brute force, although possible it does seem rare to have multiple sequential characters. Should cut down brute force times.

Mask-processor start at position.
Mask-processor can start from a word but being able to start from “position” (progress number displayed in status) would be useful for brute force. A user could pause a brute force job, make a note of the position and use this info when resuming the job at a later date.


When S status is pressed it would be nice to see an example of the last or nearest to last password tested. This is not an attempt to make a “resume” feature, it is to allow the user to see immediately if they have set their rules, mask processor or anything else up correctly by being able to see an almost live example.

Allow 2 rule files
Rule file 1 placed in front of rule file 2. This will allow for considerably smaller rule lists and much easier management for the user. Rule 1 could have :,l,c,u,d while rule 2 could have prefix / suffix numbers.

Allow multiple .hcap selection to run consecutively.
This will allow users to run short lists against multiple keys without have to type each one in every time. Will also be useful if the user creates a new word list and wants to quickly run it against all their old .hcaps. Computer can then be left unattended.

More algorithms.
Zip, rar, truecrypt and pgp disk.

Toggle Rule
Allow toggle rule to toggle lines that contain numbers and special. Obviously numbers cannot be toggled but all alpha within that line should be toggled.

Title rule
Allow new rule to title a line in a word list. This would upper case the first letter and every letter after a space in the same line. This Is An Example. This rule is quite good for names that are passwords or band / football /sports teams etc.


Rule list pre sorter
Utility to allow user to input word list and a rule file. This tool will the write 2 new word files, one with words that will get tested by hashcatplus and words that would be missed / rejected by the rule filter. This allows the user to fine tune their rules to utilise as many password candidates as possible. Also save time on every re-use of hashcatplus and that particular rule as it will save scanning unsuitable lines.

Word list clean up tool.
Take a look at ULM and see if you can reproduce anything that it can do. Please pay special attention to allowing the user to sort and remove duplicates from text files larger than the users RAM. A quick cleanup would cut all lines down to 63 characters in length (I understand hashcat only goes to 15 but this is a general word list cleaner). Format as CrLF, remove all lines that contain any character not within the printable ascii range. ( I suggest you remove the entire line as they tend not to be much use if they have ever contained non printable ascii). Sort, remove duplicates and any functionality you can copy from Blazers excellent ULM.

Thanks ! Big Grin

I do hope I have interested you in some of these, I love hashcatplus and I sincerely thank you for all that you have done for it already. I just want to see it continue to improve......forever ! Smile

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