Loads Of Requests !
wow man, this post rocks. much thanks for putting this all together. it makes it much more easy for me to keep track of all the requests. i will quote each request next:



Quote:Allows the user to start from a chosen number of characters.


Quote:Estimate time to complete on this computer.

for two reasons, i will not do this:

1. piped requests are cached by both the system-os and oclHashcat-plus. the estimation would be completly inaccurate.
2. oclHashcat-lite will get an embedded maskprocessor in a later version. this way, its also possible to calculate an ETA.

Quote:Mask-Processor Info

since the previous request is not accepted, this one can not be accepted, too.

Quote:Prevent multiple sequential instances of characters.

this is not maskprocessor. you are talking about something that should be called markovprocessor. but such an generator already exists. its in jtr which also has an --stdout mode. so you have an alternative for this Smile

Quote:Mask-processor start at position.


Quote:When S status is pressed it would be nice to see an example of the last or nearest to last password tested.

unfortionally, i cant do this. the reason is that oclHashcat-plus does not know it by itself.

1. see this section for an explanation: http://hashcat.net/wiki/oclhashcat_plus#...ry_loading
2. if the word was processed by a rule only the result is stored in cache. that could lead to completly confusing results.

Quote:Allow 2 rule files

finally i understood this idea. and i have to say its great. really. i will do it. i am just not sure if i will do it exactly the way you suggested, have to think about it. but call it ACCEPTED.

Quote:Allow multiple .hcap selection to run consecutively.

the bad thing is how to do this. oclHashcat-plus uses the first unparametered commandline argument as its hashlist (or hccap file) while all further parameters are defined to be wordlists. so its more a technical question how to do it. on the other hand, there is an easy alternative solution to build a simple for () loop inside a batchscript and place oclHashcat-plus inside and iterated through all your hashshake files. in other words, no real benefit but easy workaround.

Quote:More algorithms.

more algorithms yes, but currently i am not interessted in the ones you named, especially not file or filesystem decryptions. this is hashcat Smile

Quote:Toggle Rule

i already tried to explain this. i will try again shortly. hashcat's rule engine must have some sort of error-checking. if rule is incompatible to an input word from an dictionary it must be able to skip it. this policy affects all functions. i dont see an good explanation why to create a special case for the toggle rule.

Quote:Title rule

OK, cool thing somehow. ACCEPTED.

Quote:Rule list pre sorter

you already can do this with hashcat. just run something like "./hashcat-cli64.bin -r your.rule -o prestorted.dict --stdout your.dict"

Quote:Word list clean up tool.

partially you can do with hashcat-utils. ulm is ulm and hashcat-utils is not made to replace ulm. i am to busy with hashcat to do this.

Again, thanks for the merge!

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