Using Incremental Mode with a wordlist

I've just started to use hashcat and spent the last hour reading through the wiki trying to understand how to get what i want to work..

I'm just testing at the moment using:

Card - 1 x Geforce GTX 1080 Ti Card.
OS - Win 10 x64
masked hash - $1$BXXGXX1X$XXXXXqRQEx.nq.bXXXXwX.
clear hash - englishword + special character

I have a md5 hash from a UNIX shadows file 
hash with a password that I know that I'm trying to understand how to get the password viewed as found on the output.

If I run the following the password is found as expected..

hashcat64.exe -a 6 -m 500 -w 3 --show --status --status-timer=8 -w 3 -O --gpu-temp-abort=85 "C:\hash.txt" "C:\words.txt" ?s

The output show the hash and the clear text password.

Based on this if my hash was an english words + 3 special characters i'd like to increment from each english word followed by 1 special, then 2 special then 3 special characters until eventually the password is found.


for example.

I have another hash that i suspect uses this logic and don't want to run each individual run as running it incrementally seems to make more sense, and helps with learning too.

Am i using the right syntax here? If i use the "-stdout" it does look like right I just don't want to leave this running if there's an issue with my syntax.

Also does the incremental option run in order? i.e word+?s word+?s+?s word+?s+?s+?s

And when the password is matched will hashcat stop and tell you clearly?
I see the status say "Exhausted" even when i know the password has been found before.

Thanks  in advanced.

hashcat64.exe -a 6 -m 500 -w 3 --status --status-timer=8 -w 3 -O --gpu-temp-abort=85 "C:\hash2.txt" "C:\words.txt" ?s?s?s -i --increment-min 1 --increment-max 3

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