Error: ADL_Overdrive5_Temperature_Get(): -5

First of all, let me thank you for your fantastic software.

I've been using for quite a while in different versions and with different cards. Right now I have two 5970 in Crossfire.

I was working yesterday with that computer with no problem. It finished the job so I turned it off. I started it again today to start a new job, but now I'm getting this error continuosly

WARN: ADL_Overdrive5_Temperature_Get(): -5

The software seems to be working fine, GPUs are working at 99% and it seems that it keeps calculating, but I can't get the status as it keeps showing the error.

I uninstalled the drivers, restarted, reinstalled ATI Catalyst but the problem persist. The driver version I'm using is and ATI Catalyst 11.8., downloaded from ATI website.

Any clue as to where is the problem?


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Error: ADL_Overdrive5_Temperature_Get(): -5 - by EDV11 - 12-21-2011, 01:37 PM