hashcat v4.2.0

Welcome to hashcat v4.2.0! 

Download binaries or sources: https://hashcat.net/hashcat/ 

This release is mostly about expanding support for new algorithms and fixing bugs:
  • Added hash-mode 16700 = FileVault 2
  • Added hash-mode 16800 = WPA-PMKID-PBKDF2
  • Added hash-mode 16801 = WPA-PMKID-PMK
  • Added hash-mode 16900 = Ansible Vault

Thanks to @hops_ch for contributing the Ansible Vault mode!

  • Added JtR-compatible support for hex notation in the rules engine
  • Added OpenCL device utilization to the status information in machine-readable output
  • Added missing NV Tesla and Titan GPU details to tuning database
  • General file handling: Abort if a byte-order mark (BOM) is detected in a wordlist, hashlist, maskfile or rulefile
  • HCCAPX management: Use advanced hints in message_pair stored by hcxtools about endian bitness of replay counter
  • OpenCL kernels: Abort session if kernel self-test fails
  • OpenCL kernels: Add '-pure' prefix to kernel filenames to avoid problems caused by reusing existing hashcat installation folder
  • OpenCL kernels: Removed the use of 'volatile' keyword in inline assembly instructions where it is not needed
  • OpenCL kernels: Switched array pointer types in function declarations in order to be compatible with OpenCL 2.0
  • Refactored code for --progress-only and --speed-only calculation
  • SIP cracking: Increased the nonce field to allow a salt of 1024 bytes
  • TrueCrypt/VeraCrypt cracking: Do an entropy check on the TC/VC header on start
  • The removal of 'volatile' keyword has a large positive impact on cracking performance on macOS
  • The refactored code for --progress-only is important if hashcat is used in combination with a distributed overlay such as hashtopolis

Fixed Bugs:
  • Fixed a function declaration attribute in -m 8900 kernel that led to unusable -m 9300 (which shares kernel code with -m 8900)
  • Fixed a miscalculation in --progress-only mode output for extremely slow kernels like -m 14800
  • Fixed a missing check for errors on OpenCL devices leading to invalid removal of the restore file
  • Fixed a missing kernel in -m 5600 in combination with -a 3 and -O if mask is >= 16 characters
  • Fixed detection of AMD_GCN version when the rocm driver is used
  • Fixed missing code section in -m 2500 and -m 2501 to crack corrupted handshakes with a LE endian bitness base
  • Fixed a missing check for hashmodes using OPTS_TYPE_PT_UPPER causing the self-test to fail when using combinator and hybrid modes

- atom

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