Creating sha512(sha512($pass).$salt) kernel
in OpenCL/ I don't see that ctx.w0[0] is modified directly etc...

why don't you just start with 2 very easy blocks of init/update(s)/final for the first SHA512 hash and init/update(s)/final for the second SHA512 hash.

you could just use

sha512_init (&ctx2);

u32 second[32];

second[ 0] = ...
second[31] = ... // 32 * 4 = 128

sha512_update (&ctx2, second, 128);
sha512_update (&ctx2, salt, salt_len); // or sha512_update_swap () ?
sha512_final (&ctx2);

first rule of optimization/implementation: do not optimize! just make it work with simple/easy code... optimizations come later

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