Radeon Vega 64 Compatible? OpenCl Self-Test Failed
I previously experimented with Hashcat to try to crack a WPA Handshake that I had already acquired using my NVIDIA 750TI graphics card, using a mask attack with just all uppercase characters only, 8 characters in length.  Hashcat reported no problems and started to run at about 56,000 hashes per second with an estimated completion time of around 37 days.

So I thought hmm could do with a better graphics card anyway and searching for benchmark tests online found I could get much faster with a better card.  So bought a RADEON Vega 64 second hand as got one for a reasonable price and didn't want to spend a fortune on a new card. So I started by installing the latest driver Adrenalin 20.2.1

I then ran a benchmark test i.e. 'Hashcat64.exe -b', but when it gets to the 2500 type, which i believe is the hash type for a WPA handshake that I need, I get the following error :-

Attention! OpenCL kernel Self-test failed - Your device driver installation is probably broken

I also noticed the mouse icon on the screen kept displaying the circle on and off as if it was loading something.

So looked through forums to try to find a solution and people were saying it was something to do with AMD not supporting OpenCL and others saying problems with their latest drivers. Someone else said to type --Self-Test-Disable to force it to continue.

I did this and seemed to run OK, reporting a much higher 467,000 hashes per second with only around 5 days to complete. However someone also said that it will not find it even if it appears to be running.

So I removed the AMD driver and installed an earlier version 19.9.2 but same problem. (Noticed I don't get the circle flashing around the Mouse Icon anymore)

Also found forum where they said to use the Beta version of Hashcat which I did but I still get the same problem

So my question is this. First will it still find the password (assuming it is an 8 character, upper case characters only that iv'e set Hashcat to only look for) running the Self Test Disable? Or will Hashcat not work with this AMD card? Is there a workaround? Can't find a solution online

Wasn't sure if to sell it and buy an AMD one such as the NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1080, which I can get for a similar price

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