Questions about 3090 cooling and form factor
Hi there,

I plan to build a cracking rig using 3 rtx 3090 gpus on a gaming mobo/case.

I plan on using the following components :
- x570 Taichi mobo
- fractale design meshify C case
- 3x rtx 3090 turbo

Will I need water cooling to keep all this cool ? The computer itself will be in a server room at constant low temperature (20C or lower if necessary, the room has a dedicated HVAC system).

More generally speaking, do you see any flaw regarding the use of 3 rtx 3090 on a x570 Taichi motherboard ? I'm concerned about the space needed by each graphic card :/

Thanks a lot for your insight !

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Questions about 3090 cooling and form factor - by almandin - 12-10-2020, 04:29 PM