Problem with HD7970 and PCI -Extenders
Hello guys, i´m a older user of hashcat but i only registered today, that´s my first time having problems and i really need help to solve my problem

I have a small cluster with 5 computers and i was using 5970, 6990, 6950, 6970 mixed gpu´s etc .. and all is working fine with this settings, i´m using riser cables with good quality on them and no problem ....

My problem is.... ATI released the HD7970 series and i saw the tests from Atom and the speed of this new graphic cards and decided to sell all my old cards in order to buy new ones so i could improve my speed .... i bought 7 units Asus direct CU II and 2 Units Shaphire stock cards Hd7970... so i started my nightmare .... i lost 1 week trying to solve the problem, installing drivers, windows, ulps, etc etc ... i never suspected the extenders, stupid me... then i decided to use the cards directly on motherboard and the problems dissapeared, so the problem is on extenders... so many hours lost eheheheh just to find this .... so now i have a big problem, i have invested so much money on cards and can´t use them all in the motherboard i must find a way to use the extenders on my motherboards .... somehow hd7970 don´t like extender/riser cables so my question is ... is anyone here using hd7970 with extenders that could help me ?? Is there any way i can make some kind of modification on my computers in order to make it working ??

Many tks in advance and happy bruteforce

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