ERROR: to much combinations possible
Sorry about my slow replies but I am having trouble with my internet connection for some reason.

Yes you are getting it !! Big Grin

However I have made an error, my fault entirely. I didn't notice that you were using cuda, so your command line would be...

cudaHashcat-lite32.exe --hash-type 1000  -o found.out d483d551exxxxxxe1308bxxxxxxb857c password12?d?d?d?d

(06-14-2012, 12:32 AM)ubuntublues Wrote: In the Mask field enter password?d?d?d?d for digits (but what if it's mixed letters, numbers or symbols?)

password?l?l?l?l lower alpha

password?s?s?s?s = symbols

password?u?u?u?u = upper

Define 1 by -1 luds

password?1?1?1?1 = Everything

(06-14-2012, 12:32 AM)ubuntublues Wrote: Hashfile or hash: enter the hash file found previously, and don't post it all here (thanks for the hint, Hash-IT!) Either link to the .txt file that has the hash in it or paste the hash itself into this field.

Hash.Target..: d48xxxxxxxxxxxx8 (why not that whole hash?)

I meant don't post your hash on the forum, it's not allowed. I wish I had a delete button sometimes !! Big Grin

You have to put the entire hash into the GUI though otherwise you will never find the password.

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