Markov Chains and hashcat.hcstat File

Thanks very much. I appreciate you taking the time to respond.

Couple of follow ups:

2) When hcstatgen creates the statistics for a corpus, is it a 0-gram or 1-gram analysis, i.e., does it just rank-order characters by position irrespective of what character came before, or does it consider both the position as well as the character that came before it?

7) My mistake, you are right, I meant for $t=0, $k = $c ^ $l
where $k = keyspace, $c = # of chars, $t = threshold, and $l = length

8) But, for $t > 0, isn't it simpler to consider $k = $t ^ $l
For example:
A threshold of 3 and a length of 6 is $k = 3^6 = 729
A threshold of 10 and a length of 8 is $k = 10^8 = 100000000.


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