Proper Airflow and Case Selection
That's good to know. My current case would have the two 7990's stacked. So like you said with the fans blowing all the hot air directly on the bottom card, it probably won't have a chance...

I've thought of water cooling, but...not sure I want to go that route...

(11-22-2013, 04:05 PM)davejcb Wrote: FYI, I have a large Cooler Master case (not sure of model), with 3 Delta 120mm fans (190CFM, 1 intake, 2 exhaust) running a 7990 and a 6970- I am able (in a climate controlled room at ~19C) to keep the 7990s at 75C and 72C, and the 6970 at 65C or so, with fans running 100% (this is with the 7990s at 925/1375, and the 6970 at stock clocks).

2 7990s, however, different story- it just doesn't work. The 7990 sends all its heat up to the exhaust fans, and with two cards the bottom one overheats pronto.


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